The Most Beautitul Face in the World

The Most Beautitul Face in the World

The Most Beautitul Face in the World

od Shu Xue

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The Most Beautiful Face in the World contains two stories from noted Chinese author Xue Shu. The title story is an intricate look at the life of Ah Xing, a man who sees the world with his hands. Blind since birth, Ah Xing has a fully independent and comfortable life, until two women unexpectedly enter his world. Keening, the second story in the collection, explores the ancient art of ritual wailing at funerals. Xiao Fengxiang, a former actress who reinvents herself as the most sought-after of keeners, is a bright light in a most unusual, yet revered, occupation. Xue Shu's detailed observations provide a window onto city life in China. These two stories will draw you into today's world with its challenges and contradictions, hardships and triumphs.

Nakladatel: BetterLink Press

ISBN: 9781602202368

EAN: 9781602202368

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: Shu Xue

Obsahuje: Knihy - paperback

Rok vydání: 2013-04-22

Počet stran: 271

Váha: 213 g

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