Compact First B2 Self-study pack, 3rd

Compact First B2 Self-study pack, 3rd

Compact First B2 Self-study pack, 3rd

od May Peter

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Fast, focused exam preparation for the B2 First exam. Compact Student's Book offers intensive revision and practice to quickly maximise student performance. With this course you will consolidate language and skills for exam success through clear, concise training. Access the Cambridge One Digital Pack, optimised for a range of devices, for your bank of learning resources including accompanying Audio. Interactive practice includes a digital test environment to build strategies and skills for exam success. The Workbook provides further practice of language and vocabulary introduced in the Student's Book.

ISBN: 9781108922012

EAN: 9781108922012

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: May Peter

Obsahuje: Knihy - paperback

Rok vydání: 2021-04-29

Počet stran: 264

Váha: 708 g

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