Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers

Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers

Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers

od Jonas Brothers

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“This book is intense! I think I overshared.” —Joe Jonas “We all did. That's what memoirs are about. Telling your truth.” —Kevin Jonas “But what if your truth is different than mine…?”—Nick Jonas Since their formation in 2005, the Jonas Brothers have been critically adored and commercially celebrated—with over 22 million album sales, sold-out stadium tours, major film appearances, and seven performances at the White House. But behind the scenes, things weren’t always as they seemed. Now, for the first time, Kevin, Joe and Nick will share their complete story, from their Disney days through their contentious breakup and explosive reunion. Alternating between the perspectives of each brother (with occasional interludes from their youngest sibling, Frankie), Blood is an epic narrative of the Jonas journey as each of them remembers it. In turns funny, irreverent, and eye-opening, it’s an unencumbered look at the ranks of fame and stardom, and a story of learning to find individuality within the blood ties of band and family. With over 70 photos—some exclusive and never-before-seen—Blood is a deeply personal portrait of one family’s survival in the high-stakes world of pop music as well as a feat of brother-to-brother storytelling.

Nakladatel: Dey Street Books

ISBN: 9780063211933

EAN: 9780063211933

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: Jonas Brothers

Obsahuje: Knihy - paperback

Rok vydání: 2021-11-09

Počet stran: 496

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