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Young ELI Readers 1/A1: Granny Fixit and The Ball with Audio CD

Young ELI Readers 1/A1: Granny Fixit and The Ball with Audio CD

Young ELI Readers 1/A1: Granny Fixit and The Ball with Audio CD

od Cadwallader Jane


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Granny Fixit and the Ball + CD audio About the series: The series Young ELI Readers is divided into four levels according to the language level of the readers. It's in line with the indications of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language and comprise useful language certification exercises. This ensures that learners will meet language and structures they have already studied or which are commensurate with their level, making reading an achievable, enjoyable and stimulating experience. Stages: Stage 1 (100 headwords) Below A1 Stage 2 (200 headwords) A1 Starters Stage 3 (300 headwords) A1.1 Movers Stage 4 (400 headwords) A2 Flyers About Granny Fixit and the Ball + CD audio: Stage 1: Below A1 A hilarious adventure with Granny Fixit, a magic bag and a ball. This is a story about Granny Fixit and a boy who loses his ball. There’s a skateboard chase through the town when a dog, a cat and then a squirrel take the ball. Can Granny Fixit get the ball back for the boy? The book contains five pages of exercises for revision at the end. An illustrated dictionary, placed on the inside of the cover, keeps the vocabulary the student needs within sight at all times. Fun cut out bookmarks personalize the book. Reading, speaking, writing and listening skills are fully practised and developed through exercises specifically designed for each skill. The text, either whole or partial, is narrated by native speakers on an Audio CD. The illustrations have been carried out by the most interesting of illustrators, with the conviction that visual ‘comments’ in the text aid the comprehension of a foreign language text. The Young ELI Readers compel the reader to fall in love with both the stories and illustrations. It's elegant book made up of fine details which surprise the reader: from the type of paper to the font chosen. This particularly clear and captivating design was created to guide the readers in the comprehension of the text and the execution of the activities. Syllabus: Verb tenses and patterns - Positive, negative, question, positive imperative forms and short answer forms including contractions: Present Simple (except negative questions), Present Continuous with present meaning (except negative questions), can/can’t for ability, requests and permission have got for possession Let’s Sentence types - Simple one-clause sentences, Two clauses joined with and, but or or, Direct speech + noun/pronoun + say/ask In this Reader you will find: - Games and language activities - An audio recording of the story and the song - A picture dictionary

Nakladatel: ELI

ISBN: 9783125148024

EAN: 9783125148024

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: Cadwallader Jane

Obsahuje: Knihy - paperback

Rok vydání: 2010-01-21

Počet stran: 32

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