First Friends 1 American english iTools

First Friends 1 American english iTools

First Friends 1 American english iTools

od Iannuzzi Susan


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First Friends (American English) has a strong and clear structure that makes it easy for teachers to teach and learners to learn in a fun, friendly and familiar way. With the help of mascots, games, songs and stories young learners will soon be confident in their use of everyday English and grasp of the Roman alphabet. This flexible package offers DVD, iTools, picture cards and the choice of combined student and workbook packs and teacher's books in languages other than English, so you can use what suits you and your student's best. * The Student Audio CD with songs, stories and chants - to practise at home * The Student Book is full of lively illustrations and photographs to engage students. * There is an overview page detailing the scope and sequence of learning at that level. * Each page gives guidance to teachers and parents on the learning outcomes for that lesson * There are ten units in the Student Book, each with six lessons. There is one lesson per page: * Building vocabulary * Understanding structure * Critical thinking through a puzzle/pattern skills around a song * Listening to a story and understanding the sequence of English * Developing values and civic education through everyday English * Practising the Roman alphabet and phonics lessons (2-3 sounds)

ISBN: 9780194433310

EAN: 9780194433310

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: Iannuzzi Susan

Obsahuje: CD-ROM

Rok vydání: 2011-01-01

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