Oxford Advanced Learner´s Dictionary + DVD-ROM Pack with Online Access (9th)

Oxford Advanced Learner´s Dictionary + DVD-ROM Pack with Online Access (9th)

Oxford Advanced Learner´s Dictionary + DVD-ROM Pack with Online Access (9th)

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Published 2015. What's new in the 9th Edition OALD 9th edition offers a new package, with digital content offered via DVD and on a new premium website. Online access codes are included with the print dictionary. Oxford Speaking Tutor (new 10-page section) helps students develop the skills they need for speaking tasks in international exams, and to develop strategies for handling general conversation. The exam speaking tasks are included in the iSpeaker (Extended Speaking section) with, with the option for students to record and assess themselves. Oxford iSpeaker (on DVD and online) helps students with Pronunciation, Everyday Speaking, and Extended Speaking. Students watch videos of British and American sounds being pronounced, conversations and exam-style tasks. They improve their pronunciation with interactive activities. They can record themselves taking part in dialogues and doing exam tasks, and review their progress. Over 700 new words and meanings that are now part of the language covering technology, lifestyle, etc. for example: bestie, contactless, defriend, live-stream, man up, shale gas, spendy, web hosting. It also includes a selection of new words from other varieties of English, for example Indian English, East African English and South African English. 40 new Express Yourself notes help learners find the right thing to say in everyday situations. These are practised in the dialogues in the iSpeaker (Everyday Speaking section). Around 200 Wordfinder notes give related words - look up meeting and find agenda, convene, chair. New website, with premium content.

ISBN: 9780194798785

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