English Plus 1 Student´s Book (2nd)

English Plus 1 Student´s Book (2nd)

English Plus 1 Student´s Book (2nd)

od Wetz Ben



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The Student's Book contains a Starter unit to revise basic vocabulary and grammar. Eight teaching units; each unit has two vocabulary sections, two or more grammar presentations, and two listening and reading sections. There is practice of the four skills throughout. Each unit has a whole page devoted to speaking skills and a whole page devoted to writing skills. Eight Review and eight Puzzles and Gamessections which provide revision of all the language studied up to that point in the book. Twenty-eight pages of English Plus Options which include: Eight Extra listening and speaking pages to give further practice in these skills. Six Curriculum extra pages which are linked to topics taught in other subject areas in secondary school. Six Culture pages with topics that invite cultural comparisons. Four Projectand four Song pages which provide a further opportunity for consolidation

ISBN: 9780194200592

EAN: 9780194200592

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: Wetz Ben

Obsahuje: Knihy - paperback

Počet stran: 120

Váha: 326 g

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