Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

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These testing standards are a product of the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association (APA), and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). Published collectively by the three organizations since 1966, it represents the gold standard in guidance on testing in the United States and in many other countries. In the past 15 years, important developments have occurred in the field of testing, requiring significant revision. Five areas, in particular, receive attention in the 2014 revision: Examining the accountability issues for the uses of tests in educational policy. Broadening the concept of accessibility of tests for all examinees. Representing more comprehensively the role of tests in the workplace. Taking into account the expanding role of technology in testing. Improving the structure of the book for better communication of the standards. Among the problem areas addressed in this revision are the following: The chapters on assessment, program evaluation, and public policy have been rewritten to address the uses of tests for educational accountability purposes. A new chapter on fairness in testing has been added to emphasize accessibility and fairness as fundamental issues in testing. The topics formerly addressed in several chapters are now combined into a single, comprehensive chapter, more broadly cast to support appropriate testing and valid score interpretations for all examinees. Specific concerns about fairness are threaded throughout the book. The chapter on workplace testing and credentialling has been reorganized to clarify when a standard is relevant to employment or credentialling. The impact of technology has been considered throughout the volume. To improve readability, individual standards are now organized under themes, and each chapter in the Foundations section now has an overarching standard. While teams of experts collaborated in developing and crafting this updated edition, each of the three organizations assumed responsibility for reviewing the work to ensure quality standards that are robust and applicable across educational and psychological contexts in which tests are developed, administered, and used.

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