The Adam Silvera Collection

The Adam Silvera Collection

The Adam Silvera Collection

od Silvera Adam

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Předpokládaný termín vydání: 25. 11. 2021 (může se změnit)


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From the No. 1 international bestselling author, Adam Silvera, comes three spectacular books guaranteed to stay with you long after reading. THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END When Death-Cast calls Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio to tell them they're going to die today, two total strangers meet up through the Last Friend app to live a lifetime in a single day . . . and maybe even fall in love while they're at it. HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME After Griffin loses his ex-boyfriend and first love, Theo, grief and worsening OCD become all consuming. But Theo's most recent boyfriend provides unexpected comfort. As their relationship becomes complicated, Griffin must make a choice: confront the past or miss out on the future. MORE HAPPY THAN NOT Aaron Soto hasn't been happy since his father's suicide, but he can't deny how much better he feels around newfound friend, Thomas. With his feelings throwing up confusion, he turns to a memory-alteration procedure to straighten him out, even if it means forgetting who he truly is . . .

Nakladatel: Simon & Schuster Ltd

ISBN: 9781398511453

EAN: 9781398511453

Jazyk vydání: anglicky

Autor: Silvera Adam

Obsahuje: Knihy - paperback

Rok vydání: 2021-10-14

Počet stran: 1024

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